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Maid in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Options andt Services

  Additional Services Available with Certain Packages  
  O-1 Cleaning of refrigerator interior  
  O-2 Cleaning of glass windows and tiles  
  O-3 Disinfection of handles, toilettes, and sinks  
  O-4 Changing of water coolers  
  O-5 Dry cleaning drop-off  
  O-6 Watering of plants  
  O-7 Pet feeding  
  O-8 Ice-making  
  O-9 Checking water and gas meter readings  
  O-10 Changing cooking gas canister  
  O-11 Dusting and cleaning of walls and frames  
  O-12 Organizing of closets  
  O-13 Applying anti-insect treatments  
  O-14 Stocking towels and tooth paste  
  O-15 Changing of bath towels  
  O-16 Refilling deodorizer  
  O-17 Deep cleaning of toilette (once a month)  
  O-18 Cleaning of sofa covers (once a month)  
  O-19 Cleaning of ceiling  
  Premium optional services  
  S-1 Additional ironing 70 000 VND/h  
  S-2 Food shopping Per order :
< 500 000 VND : 50 000 VND
> 500 000 VND : 70 000 VND
  S-3 Bill payment 20 000 VND/bill  
  S-4 Small errands (within one kilometer) 20 000 VND to 40 000 VND  
  S-5 Cooking (traditional Vietnamese dishes starting from /dish for two people) 80 000 VND/h  
  S-6 Vietnamese courses 250 000 VND/h  
  S-7 Repair and maintenance of air conditioner systems House visit, labor and parts  

Electrical repair and electronics

House visit, labor and parts  
  S-9 Plumbing repairs home service House visit, labor and parts  
  S-10 One bouquet of flowers/week
50 000 VND  
  S-11 Babysitting 100 000 VND/h  

MVM Homes services : maid in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City
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